Q29 TWS Wireless Earphones

By utilizing transmitting chip, main unit is connected with auxiliary unit, remove wire while synchronize sound of two momo and realize TWS stereo of AirPods to secure your sweet sounding.

QY11 Sport & Music Earphones

AMO adopts V4.1 CSR chip to guarantee stable connection and low delay. You can connect it to your TV to watch ball games or films at midnight without interfering others around.

QY19 Bluetooth Earphones

The APT-X lossless audio codec supported by CSR 4.1 chipset features non-buffering, low delay and a max decoding rate of 768 Kbps, ensuring premium sound quality.


Cagiss awfully respects tech research and creative design and regards them as an essential part to improve brand competitiveness. Our R&D team equipped with advanced facilities is proud of its R&D ability. The team excels in tooling making, ID structure, electronic technology, soft, audio and so on. These technicians offer tech supports to items as a whole. Thanks to the team members, now every product has its own intellectual property right accordingly.

Over 60 personnel serve in the team. Key staffs among them have been in the industry over a decade and was once worked in Jabra and Dell as engineers in Bluetooth field.

The factory area covering 15000 square meters, comprises 25 independent assembly and producing lines with advanced and complete equipment. 1000 consolidated employees are working for the manufacturing base with producing capacity, up to 40000 sets/day. A reliable production team keeps the whole production and sales chain work in high efficienc.

We gaining lots of experience, cooperate with Ali Group, VIVO, Gionee, Xiaomi, MPOW, Tronics, Sound Peats and some other famous companies. Thanks to the cooperation, we earn sustainable mutual benefits. We make the strategy, share the opportunity and achieve the win-win benefits.

Equipped with professional QC facilities, our company has a complete QC system including high-precision color box, vision measuring system, thermal shock chamber, bursting strength tester, micro-computer vibration tester, battery tester. The whole system secures reliable quality once again.


Why Everybody Choice Cagiss

High Quality Materials

Production with high quality materials to keep the product safety and with high level of performance. Supplier include CSR, Mitsubishi, RF, ALPS etc.

Faster Delivery

Comprises 25 assembly and producing lines. 1000 employees are working for the factory with producing capacity up to 40000 sets/day.

Small Order Acceptable

With low MOQ, you can market test your business ideas before your final decision. Cagiss helps you to monitor and control your risks


Extremely flexible with our work, this enables us to offer a full range of products in OEM. Services include labeling, packaging customized etc.


R&D team excels in tooling making, ID structure, soft, audio, electronic technology and so on. These offer tech supports to items as a whole.

Quality Control

Has a complete QC system equipped with professional facilities. The whole system secures reliable quality once again.


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